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Township Officers

Resolutions and procedures for appointing Vice- and Deputy- board members, Reimbursement Policy, Clerks as Ex-Officio Notaries.

TO1000-Resolution-Appointing-Vice-Chairperson.pdf (Document: TO 1000)
Sample resolution used to create a vice-chair position on the board. Once created, one of the supervisors is appointed to the position and serves in the absence of the chair. (1 page) (Revised: November 2020)

TO2000-Appointing-a-Deputy-Clerk-or-Treasurer.pdf Document: (TO 2000)
Describes the deputy clerk and treasurer positions and the related rules. (3 pages) (Revised: May 2019)

TO3000-Compatibility-of-Offices.pdf (Document: TO 3000)
Discusses the prohibition against public officers holding two public offices that are considered incompatible with each other. (2 pages) (Revised: June 2021)

TO4000-Compensation-and-Reimbursement-Policy.pdf (Document: TO 4000)
Sample resolution and sample reimbursement policy. (3 pages) (Revised: July 2020)

TO5000-Clerks-as-Ex-Officio-Notaries.pdf (Document Number: TO 5000)

Information on clerks as Ex Officio Notaries and stamp required. (4 pages) (Revised: December 2020)

TO6000 Gifts and Public Officials.pdf (Document Number: TO 6000)

(Revised: March 2024)