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Hiring employees, Federal labor requirements, seasonal employees, pay equity.

Mandatory State Posters
Federal EEOC Posters
Federal EEOC Supplement
US Dept of Labor – Poster Advisor List of Industries and questions to determine what posters you need in your township
US Dept of Labor – Poster Requirements Workplace Poster Requirement
PERA Local governments must enroll all employees who qualify for Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota (PERA) membership, report wage and employment information on covered members, pay contributions, and provide information about employees that have been excluded from PERA participation.

E1000-Hiring-a-Town-Attorney.pdf (Document Number: E 1000)
Provides a discussion of the how to find an attorney to represent a township; the questions to ask before hiring an attorney; and the factors to consider when choosing between multiple attorneys. Identifies techniques for maximizing the benefit of retaining a township attorney and for evaluating whether or not the township is getting services it needs for the money it is paying to the attorney. (7 pages) (Revised: July 2020)

E2000-Employee-Firearm-Policy.pdf (Document Number: E 2000)
A sample resolution authorizing employers to establish policies that restrict the carry or possession of firearms by employees while working. (2 Pages) (Revised: April 2020)

E3000-AWAIR-Program.pdf (Document Number: E 3000)
A sample program policy promoting safe and healthful working conditions to be adopted by a town board. Also includes an Annual Review form for the Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program (AWAIR). (5 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)

E4000-Seasonal-Employees.pdf (Document Number: E 4000)
This memorandum discusses topics related to seasonal or temporary employment, such as advertising job openings, termination and rehiring, collective bargaining rights, retirement benefits, and other topics. A Termination Checklist is included. (6 Pages) (Revised: October 2020)

E5000-Employee-Versus-Independent-Contractor.pdf (Document Number: E 5000)
Discusses the differences between an employee of the town and an independent contractor and who is responsible for aspects such as insurance, taxes, and performance. (4 Pages) (Revised: April 2014)

E6000-Local-Government-Pay-Equity.pdf (Document Number: E 6000)
Describes what is Pay Equity and impermissible inequities and who is required to report to DOER. Definition of what an employee is and information to assist in proper filing of reports sent to DOER are discussed. Contact information for DOER also included. (4 Pages) (Revised: November 2020)

E7000-Veterans-Preference-Issues.pdf (Document Number: E 7000)
The Minnesota Veterans’ Preference Act provides veterans of military service certain rights in public employment. This document discusses the rights given to veterans during the hiring process and termination process. (5 Pages) (Revised: June 2005)

E8000-Employment-References.pdf (Document Number: E 8000)
This document discusses the changes in the law that help employers limit liability related to employment references. A list of employment practices a town should use is included. (2 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)