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Planning, Zoning, and Land Use

Municipal Boundary Adjustment The boundaries of Minnesota’s cities and towns are legally adjusted by the Office of Administrative Hearings in cases involving the creation, annexation, detachment, or consolidation of municipalities.

PZ1000-Planning-and-Zoning-General-Overview.pdf (Document Number: PZ 1000)
Provides a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of local planning and zoning and questions that should be asked before proceeding. This paper also provides an overview of the players involved with town-ship planning and zoning, a description of the types of documents and regulations involved with planning and zoning, and a summary of the process to adopt planning and zoning. A discussion on how to administer and enforce regulations is also included. (17 pages) (Revised Sept. 2023)

Appendix A – Shoreland Management Ordinance Best-Practices

Appendix B – DNR Model Shoreland Ordinance with Commentary

Appendix C – DNR Model Shoreland Ordinance without Commentary

PZ1000-A-General-Overview.pdf (Document Number: PZ 1000)
Land use controls, also called zoning controls or a zoning ordinance, are a means of regulating development(i.e., how residents can use their property) to protect residents’ health, safety, and welfare. (17 Pages) (Revised: May 2024)

PZ2000-Zoning-Decisions-.pdf (Document Number: PZ 2000)
Explains the various legal limitations imposed on a town’s zoning authority by the legislature and the courts. (19 pages) (Revised: May 2024)

PZ3000-Practical-Guide-to-the-60-day-rule.pdf (Document Number: PZ 3000)
A review of the requirements under Minn. Stat. § 15.99 to handle zoning requests within 60 days. (10 pages) (Revised: January 2004)