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Emergency Services

ES1000-Imposing-a-Charge-for-Emergency-Services.pdf (Document Number: ES 1000)
A description of the authority to impose a service charge for providing certain emergency services (e.g., fire call fee) (3 pages including sample documents) (Revised: November 2019)

ES2000-Open-Meeting-By-Telephone-Resolution.pdf (Document Number: ES 2000)
A sample resolution for your town to adopt to conduct open meetings through telephone during emergencies declared under Minn. Stat. Ch. 12 or Health Pandemics (2 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)

ES3000-Township-Options-for-Meeting-Remotely.pdf (Document Number: ES 3000)
A guide on how to conduct meetings remotely, notifying residents of the town’s intent, what services are out there, and how to set up a teleconference service or other electronic means of meeting. (7 Pages) (Revised: March 2020)

  • ES3000A-A-Guide-to-Setting-up-A-Teleconference-Meeting.pdf (Document Number: ES 3000A)
    This document is an appendix to ES 3000 providing a guide to setting-up a town’s first teleconference meeting, from opening the website for the first time to the end of the first meeting. (9 Pages) (Revised: April 2020)

ES4000-Township-Preparedness-Plan-for-Empployees.pdf (Document Number: ES 4000)

A generic sample preparedness plan for township employees (2 Pages) (Revised: June 2020

ES4000A-Township-Preparedness-Plan-for-Officers.pdf  (Document Number: ES 4000A)

A generic sample preparedness plan for township officers (2 Pages) (Revised: June 2020)