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ARPA provides stimulus to individuals, businesses, and government entities to assist in their respective COVID-19 responses. ARPA interests townships both as a government entity and an employer.

ARPA registration deadline is Monday, October 4, 2021

On March 11th, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into law. ARPA provides stimulus to individuals, businesses, and government entities to assist in their respective COVID-19 responses. ARPA interests townships both as a government entity and an employer. Minnesota towns will receive a portion of $350 Million provided to all Minnesotan towns and cities with a population under 50,000, but none can receive more than 75% of their 2019 budget. The term “budget” for setting the 75% limit means either formal budget, which many town’s do not have, or a town’s 2019 total expenditures.

The maximum total amounts towns are eligible for can be found here (Please Note: the allocations on the spreadsheet are out of $1,000,000, meaning if your township’s allocation amount is 0.1, then the spreadsheet is indicating that the town can receive a maximum amount of $100,000).

The following links provide general information related to the American Rescue Plan Act. However, any specific issues related to requesting funds, how to use the funds, and how to apply for funds will be found in the other tabs.

Article: American Rescue Plan Information by MAT
Contains details on:

  • Checklist for Requesting Initial Payments
  • Local Government Relief
  • ARPA distributions
  • Responses to the Public Health Emergency and its Negative Economic Impacts
  • Create a grant program
  • Premium Pay to Essential Employees
  • Replacement of Reduced Revenue
  • Transfer to Other Entities
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act
  • Firefighter Grants
  • Single Audit Requirements

To receive funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, the town will need to request the funds from Minnesota Management and Budget. Further, towns will need their DUNS number, register it in the federal System for Award Management (SAM), and obtain other documentation. To get a focused and concise discussion on this application, please review the below video. Any other issues related to specific steps can be seen in the other articles.

Download ARPA Registration Form

BEWARE of ARPA related registration scams! All steps of the registration for ARPA are free. Some towns report finding websites asking them to pay $500 to complete a registration. Towns should not pay anything to register unless they have arranged to have a third-party involved in their registration. To avoid these websites, towns should use only the links we have provided to register.

For more information on the application, please reference this article, this document from the U.S. Treasury: NEU_Checklist_for_Requesting_Initial_Payment (PDF), or the below presentation.

Presentation: ARPA: Step-by-Step Application Process by MAT
26-minute recording from June 11, 2021

The presentation provides a step-by-step process towns may follow to receive funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). A link to the presentation can be found at: Receiving-ARPA-Funds-002-MAT-6-16-21.mp4

Download the slides at: How-to-Receive-ARPA-Funds.pdf

The presentation includes directions to:

  1. Apply for a DUNS Number at Dun and Bradstreet’s website
  2. Register the DUNS in the SAM system on the SAM’s website
  3. Banking Needs (For specifics, review this article)
  4. Complete 2 require Federal Forms
  5. Agree to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Award Terms and Conditions
  6. Agree to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Assurances of Compliance with Civil Rights Requirements
  7. Determine the Town’s 2020 budget, as of January 27, 2020
  8. If no budget, determine the total expenditures for 2019
  9. Complete the application to receive funds: Found at Minnesota Management and Budget’s Request Portal.

Overall, this should help you complete the process of applying for the funding. This presentation does not include information on what the ARPA funding may be spent on.

Article: Request ARP funds now: process open

Article:  Banking information

Towns are limited on what American Rescue Plan Act funds may be spent. The links below discuss approved expenditures, and what processes the town can go through to determine what is allowed.

BEWARE of ARPA-related scams! Many local governments report receiving unsolicited communications from businesses suggesting the town can use its ARPA money on the solicitor’s product or service. Some say they are “ARPA Approved”, but no such official approval exists. Many of these products and services will not qualify as legitimate ARPA-related expenses. Towns should be wary of any unsolicited offer for the use of its ARPA funding.

One of the major categories for using ARPA funds is revenue loss. The U.S. Treasury provided a complicated formula to determine loss, but a calculator has been developed.

Video: Presentation on ARPA Uses by MAT
24-minute recording from June 24, 2021

ARPA Uses Presentation

You can also download the video in the following link: ARPA-Uses-Presentation-001-MAT-6-24-21.mp4

Download the slides at: ARPA-Uses.pdf

Lost Revenue Replacement: Lost Revenue Replacement Recording

One of the four categories for uses is lost revenue replacement. Lost revenue replacement can be a seemingly complex formula, but calculators have been made to assist towns in determining their lost revenue for a given year. If you have any questions about this please watch this video.

Webinar Recording: Webinar on ARPA Uses and Q&A
71-minute recording from June 25, 2021
Presenters: Steve Fenske and Karl-Christian Johannessen, Minnesota Association of Townships

Q&A: After the initial presentation, the Question & Answer Time begins at the 41:00-minute mark of the video.

MAT Webinar on ARPA

The use of American Rescue Plan Act funds must be reported annually, beginning October of 2021, and can continue through October of 2026. Information regarding how to and what to report will be found below.

The U.S. Department of Treasury has posted a recorded presentation (August 23, 2021) providing a walkthrough of the reporting portal.

The Treasury has held additional webinars covering targeted topics under SLFRF reporting, and have stated they plan to continue offering such assistance in the future. The webinars can be accessed here, however, cannot solely be relied on for reporting. Recipients must refer to the Compliance and Reporting Guidance as well as the User Guide for a complete understanding of theWebinar: Preparing for ARPA Reporting, hosted by the League of MN Cities.

Explore the steps you need to take to submit your ARPA reports.

You’ve requested and begun to receive your ARPA funding, now how does your city prepare for the first ARPA Project and Expenditure Report? This free webinar on Sept. 21 provided important information that will help you collect and complete all necessary steps.

During this free webinar:

  • Get familiar with the Treasury’s portal for submitting annual reports, including how to access it.
  • Review reporting requirements and timelines.
  • Obtain information needed to access and complete reports.
  • Discuss best practices for building and maintaining financial records for future audits.
  • Hear about the most-recent updates to ARPA funding guidance.

Recording below:

--> View Video Recording from League of Minnesota Cities. (September 21, 2021)

View presentation slides (pdf).

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