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MAT-U Registration

MAT U With books and computer icons

MAT is excited to be offering a new online training model: MAT-U. We are creating training videos and compiling materials to give our officers greater access to all training materials at any time!
Videos, zoom recordings, Power Points, and handouts will all be available. It will take us time to build up our video library, so please be patient as our library grows throughout 2023 and beyond.

MAT-U will be on an annual subscription model with one master account for each township that allows all of your township officers to access the content library. The subscription fee for the entire 2023 MAT-U calendar year will be complimentary, thanks to MATIT.

MAT-U will be open to officers in January of 2023. After you sign up and the new videos go live, your township’s login credentials will be sent to the email provided, along with a link you can use to access MAT-U. It is best to use a township email when signing up, if possible. All officers in your township will use the same email and password when accessing MAT-U.  Please fill out the attached form and submit it at any time to get your township registered.

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