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MN Township Insider

Minnesota Township Insider is the official MAT magazine published for townships in Minnesota.  Each issue contains legislative updates, legal assistance, insurance and risk management news, clerk and treasurer information, current events, information regarding training sessions, questions, answers and many more items aimed to increase awareness for town board members.

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Winter 2024
Township Annual Checkup
Understanding Minnesota Paid Leave
Bylaws Updates
Year End & Audit Prep
Fall 2023
Bylaws Updates
Q&A With Lori
UEI Oh My, Oh My
MAT 2023 Annual conference
Summer 2023
Homeland Security and Emergency Management
New Minnesota Laws
Updates from the Senate and House
Setting Up your Township for Financial Success
Spring 2023
Lost Property: What Are Your Rights?
Township Roads and Plat Laws
What's in Your Water?
MAT 2023 High School Scholarship Info
Winter 2023
Audit Information
Are You Ready for Township Day?
Join Us for Spring Short Courses
Fall 2022
Make Your Townhall More Accessible
Election Results are In!
Annual conference re-cap!
Braver Angels: Conflict Resolution
Summer 2022
Office Updates
Annual Conference Registration!
Community Connections: Coming Back Together
Highlight Your Towns
Spring 2022
See our new section "County Connections"
Under Construction: Smoother Operations Ahead with New Township Tools
NRRI Develops online Atlas
MDA Report A Pest System
Winter 2022
Township History
Spring Short Courses are Virtual!
Township Day
Scholarship Program
Calendar 2022
Calendar of Events
NATaT Special Feature
Building Back a Better Rural America. Check out pages 8-9.
Learn more about 2022 Township plans.

The Minnesota Township Insider is published 5 times yearly and goes out to thousands of MN residents. If you have any questions, inquiries or information to be published, please contact us.

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