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MN Township Law Book

Periodically, MAT attorneys have compiled laws pertaining to townships. The most recent version was compiled in 2022. Each township received one copy of the updated Law Book in 2017-18.

One of the most useful features is the Law Index. This index references the most recent edition of the Minnesota Statutes. Any statute changes are noted in the Summer issues of the Minnesota Township Insider.

The 2022 Law Book Index (24 pages). The index is a PDF of the statutes and contain links to the Office of the Revisor of Statutes website.  To use the index, you must have an active internet connection open to view the actual statutes. This index attempts to list the statutes most applicable to towns. Not all statutes that may impact a town are included here. Due to page limitations, statutes related to town elections (Chs. 200 – 212) and partition fences (Ch. 344), are not included in this book, but are available online. All statutes may be found on the internet at: www.revisor.mn.gov. Minnesota rules, case law, attorney general opinions, or federal laws are not included in the index.

Download Law Book Index

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