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CTAS page, BSO Tutorial, Contributions and Donations, Claim form, Assessments, Investment, Indebtedness.

Office of the State Auditor’s CTAS Page The Office of the Minnesota State Auditor distributes the Small City and Town Accounting System (CTAS), to assist towns in accounting tasks and submitting financial records to the Office of the State Auditor. Information includes: CTAS 8 Order Form, Videos and Documents to get started, CTAS User Manual, Uniform Chart of Accounts, Tax Tables and FAQs.

BSO Tutorial for Tax Year 2018 Guide from Social Security Administration on filling out W-2 forms.

F1000-Contributions-and-Donations.pdf (Document Number: F 1000)
A description of the need for statutory authority to make contributions and a list of authorized contributions. (6 pages) (Revised: May 2019)

F1500-Resolution-Accepting-Donations.pdf (Document Number: F 1500)
Sample Resolution for a Township to accept donations. (1 pages) (Revised: May 2020)

F2000-Claim-Form.pdf (Document Number: F 2000)
Sample of the form that can be used to make a claim for payment against the town. (1 page) (Revised: April 2020)

F3000-Statutory-Financial-Requirements.pdf (Document Number: F 3000)
An overview of the statutes towns must follow regarding dealing with banks, making investments, and paying claims. (13 pages) (Revised: June 2018)

F4000_Special-Assessments.pdf (Document Number: F 4000)
This guide provides an overview of the special assessment process as set forth in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 429. An outline of the steps required to be followed, a discussion of financing options, and sample forms are included. (25 pages) (Revised: November 2013)

F6000-Public-Finance-and-borrowing.pdf (Document Number: F 6000)
An overview of the types of financing and borrowing available to townships. (13 pages) (Revised: October 2020)

F7000-Chart-of_Accounts.pdf (Document Number: F 7000)

Intended to be used with the CTAS program, this list describes different fund types, revenues, assets, expenses, and other items. Document available on the State Auditor’s Website.(1 page) (Revised: February2012)

F8000-Township-Investment-Issues.pdf (Document Number: F 8000)
Presentation regarding investments for Townships. (27 pages) (Revised: June 2010)

F9000-Township-Indebtedness-Issues.pdf (Document Number: F9000)
Presentation regarding indebtedness issues common to townships. (27 pages) (Revised: June 2010)