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Records Retention

Notification forms, MN Historical Society resources, sample schedule resolution.

Townships must retain records unless they have adopted a Records Retention Filing System. MAT developed a Records Retention Schedule (RR1000) with staff of the state Administration Department and the Minnesota Historical Society. The State Records Disposition Panel (State Auditor, Attorney General, and Minnesota Historical Society Director) reviewed and approved the schedule.

The Records Retention Schedule provides a plan for managing township records by giving authority to dispose of records under Minn. Stat. §138.17. The schedule establishes minimum retention periods for township records based on their administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value. The retention periods stated on the schedule apply to any form of the record (paper, digital, microfilm).

To adopt the Schedule, the township must pass a Resolution adopting the Records Retention Schedule (RR2000). After adoption, send two copies of the completed notification form to the State Archives. Notification of Adoption of Township General Record Retention. (mailing address is on the notification form) One copy will be signed by State Archives staff and returned to the township; the State Archives permanently preserves the other copy.
Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) Minnesota Historical Society (MNHAS) website.
Records Destruction Report (MNHS) Whenever township records are destroyed, a MNHS Records Destruction Report must be filled.
Government Records Information Leaflet No. 1 Township Records Link to MNHS for the Government Records Information Leaflet No. 1 Township Records
Contact the State Archives of the MNHS Questions? Contact the State Archives of the MNHS using this email link or call 651.259.3260.

RR1000-Records-Retention-Filing-System-from-MNHS.pdf (Document: RR 1000)
Details what type of documents need to be filed, how they are filed, how long to file them, and if they need to be archived. Developed in 1985. (13 pages) (May 2022)

RR2000-Resolution-Adopting-MAT-Records-Retention-Schedule.pdf (Document: RR 2000)
Sample resolution adopting the Minnesota Township General Records Retention Schedule for the management and destruction of the records in the town’s possession. (1 page) (November 2020)