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General Forms

Affidavit of Personal Service, Affidavit of Mailing, Affidavit of Posting.

GF-1000-Affidavit-of-Personal-Service.pdf (Document Number: GF1000)
Form used to document the personal delivery of notice to a particular person (e.g., delivery of notice of road establishment hearing to affected owner) (1 page) (Revised: June 2021)

GF-2000-Affidavit-of-Mailing.pdf (Document Number: GF2000)
Form used to document the mailing of an item. The location of where it was mailed, who mailed it, who it was sent to, and the signature swearing that it was done are in this form. (1 page) (Revised: June 2021)

GF-3000-Affidavit-of-Posting.pdf (Document Number: GF3000)
Form used to document the personal posting of a notice at listed town posting places. (1 page) (Revised: June 2021)