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Town Meetings

Hearings, special meetings, tips for efficient meetings, Parliamentary Procedure, Annual Meeting, administrative policy.

MN Secretary of State Legal Newspaper Section Over 300 newspapers are officially designated publications in which citizens and governmental units advertise notices required by law. The Secretary of State’s Office maintains a list of the Legal Newspapers in which citizens and government units can advertise notices required by law. (It can be downloaded in Excel Spreadsheet.)

TM1000-Township-Hearings.pdf (Document: TM 1000)
An overview of the statutory and informational types of hearings conducted by towns with recommendations, worksheets, and samples. (22 pages) (Revised: May 16, 2012)

TM2000-Special-Town-Meetings.pdf (Document: TM 2000)
An explanation of why and how to call a special town meeting. (7 pages with sample forms) (Revised: September, 2020)

TM2100-Conducting-and-Controlling-Town-Board-Meetings.pdf (Document: TM 2100)
Summarizes legal requirements and provides practical tips for conducting efficient and effect town board meetings. (5 pages) (Revised: Sept 2023)

TM3000-Basic-Parlimentary-Procedure-for-Town-Boards.pdf (Document: TM 3000)
Gives a general overview of parliamentary procedure, briefly describes some of the most used motions, and raises points to consider before adopting rules of procedure. (5 pages) (Revised: Sept 2023)

TM4000-Resolutions-and-Ordinances.pdf (Document: TM 4000)
Describes the differences between by-laws, motions, resolutions, and ordinances and the proper use of each for conducting township business. (4 pages) (Revised: Sept 2023)

TM5000-Data-practices-overview.pdf (Document: TM 5000)
Provides brief overview of what metropolitan townships exercising urban powers must do to comply with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Resource list for additional information included. (8 pages) (Revised: November 2023)

TM6000-Annual-Town-Meeting.pdf (Document: TM 6000)
Checklist overview of the steps that must be considered for calling and conducting the annual town meeting. (9 pages) (Revised: October 2021)

TM7000-Town-Board-Administrative-Policy.pdf (Document: TM 7000)
The following is a sample administrative policy written to help boards develop a uniform method for addressing the conduct of town board meetings, citizen participation, and access to town records. (8 Pages) (Revised: February 2020)