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Township Manual

The manual introduces newly elected officials to township government. Includes 17 chapters.

The Manual on Town Government is updated each year.

Full 2023 Manual (164 page PDF)

2023 Town Manual Table of Contents:   Complete Index for the Township Manual with what is included in each chapter.

2020 New Officer Contact List Important contact information for New Officials to notify.

Chapter 1:  Purpose of the Manual

Chapter 2:  Setting Up Township Government: Form and Operation

Chapter 3:  Township Government: Town Board Elections, Meetings & Functions.

Chapter 4: Running and Holding Township Office: Duties, Eligibility, and Vacancies.

Chapter 5: Town Powers

Chapter 6:  Town Governance: The Decision Making Process

Chapter 7:  Running Town Meetings (Complying with the Open Meeting Law and Other Notice Requirements)

Chapter 8:  Revenue, Finance & Debt

Chapter 9:  Contracting, Sales & Purchases

Chapter 10:  Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 11:  Liability

Chapter 12: Liability Limitations and Immunities

Chapter 13:  Managing Risk

Chapter 14:  Auditing & Oversight

Chapter 15:  Town Roads

Chapter 16:  Planning & Zoning

Chapter 17:  Boundary Adjustments: Annexation and Detachment