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Risk Management

RM2000-Risk-Management-for-Supervisors.pdf (Document Number: RM 2000)
A brief outline of a session presented at the 2000 Summer Short Courses highlighting issues supervisors should consider when making decisions on behalf of the town to help reduce liability. (8 pages) (Revised: November 2023)

RM3000-Procedural-Safeguards-for-Township-Officers.pdf (Document Number: RM 3000)
Provides a number of recommendations that town boards can use to avoid litigation. The issues raised are supported with real life town examples. The document was presented at the 2000 Legal Seminar. (11 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

RM4000-Town-Hall-Rental-Policy-and-Application.pdf (Document Number: RM 4000)
A sample policy and rental application for the rental of a Township Town Hall. (6 Pages) (Revised: July 2020)

RM5000-Work-Comp-Basics.pdf (Document Number: RM 5000)
A basic explanation about Workers Compensation and what it is, elements of a claim, and what constitutes an injury. (9 Pages) (Revised: February 2020)

RM6000-Volunteer-Services-Agreement.pdf (Document Number: RM 6000)
A sample statement and agreement for volunteer services performed by an individual for a township. (1 Page) (Revised: April 2020)