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Lowest responsible bidder, Responsible contractor, IC-134 forms, use of RFPs, Sample contracts, Road work completion certificate.

C1000-Lowest-Responsible-Bidder-Requirement.pdf (Document Number: C 1000)
A detailed discussion of the lowest responsible bidder requirement that applies when the sealed bid procedure is used to let a contract. (4 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

C1500-Responsible-Contractor.pdf (Document Number: C 1500)
A discussion of the responsible contractor law that applies for public construction contracts. With Sample Forms. (6 pages) (Revised: September 2015)

C2000-IC-134-Forms.pdf (Document Number: C 2000)
Brief description of the requirement to obtain IC-134 from contractors performing work for the town. (1 page) (Revised: July 2020)

C4000-Contracts-and-RFPs.pdf (Document Number: C 4000)
Provides a discussion of the requirements of Minnesota public contracting laws, including competitive biddingrequirements, notice requirements, bid specifications, and the use of Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Penalties for violations are also covered, as is contracting with an interested public official (i.e. conflicts-of-interest). (14 pages) (Revised: February 2020)

C5000A-Generic-Contract-for-Services.pdf (Short Form for Small Contracts) (Document Number: C 5000A)
This sample contract is for small service contracts. It contains basic contract provisions and must be modified and supplemented by the town board to fit its particular needs. (4 pages) (Revised: March 2020)

C5000B-Road-Contractor-Services-Agreement-Long-Form-Summer-Season-Contract.pdf (Long Form Summer Season Contract) (Document Number: C 5000B)
This sample contract covers a wide range of summer road maintenance and repair services. Boards must supplement the form with specifications, performance expectations, and a fee schedule. (17 pages) (Revised: March 2020)

C5200-Mowing-Services-Contract.pdf (Document Number: C 5200)
This sample contract covers mowing services provided by a contractor for a township. (3 pages) (Revised: November 2020)

C5700-Sample-Fire-Contract.pdf (Document Number: C 5700)
Since Fire Protection is commonly contracted between cities and towns, the Minnesota Association of Township worked with the League of Minnesota Cities to develop a sample fire contract. (6 pages) (Revised: March 2020)

C6000-Conflict-of-Interest.pdf (Document Number C 6000)
Provides information about the statutory conflicts of interest prohibition and when a contract can be allowed. Includes sample resolutions and affidavits. (11 pages) (Revised: April 2019)

C7000-Road-Work-Completion-Certificate.pdf (Document Number: C 7000)
Provides information on final payments on road contracts. Includes sample Town Road Work Completion Certificate. (2 pages) (Revised: August 2020)

C8000-Contracts-for-Health-Social-and-Recreational-Services-Fillable.pdf (Document Number: C 8000)
Sample Contract authorizing a township to contract services from a nonprofit organization for health, social, and recreational services found to be good for the town. (4 pages) (Revised: June 2019)

C9000-Contracting-Issues-Reminders.pdf (Document Number: C 9000)
This document is a helpful overview of issues and reminders that town officers should consider during the contracting process. (9 pages) (Revised: May 2019)