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Township General Information

GI1000-Optional-Plans.pdf (Document: GI 1000)
Describes the optional forms of town government that can be adopted in a town. Options include combining the clerk and treasurer positions, making the clerk and/or treasurer positions appointed, and adopting a five-supervisor board. (11 pages) (Revised: June 24, 2024)

GI2000-Urban-Powers-Overview.pdf (Document: GI 2000)
A brief discussion of the exercise of expanded town powers often called urban powers and how towns obtain urban powers. (1 page) (Produced: June 2021)

GI3000-NewOfficerContactList2019.pdf (Document: GI 3000)
Provides a list of agencies to which new officers should provide their contact information; provides a list of agencies and parties that town officers should be aware of and for which they should have contact information. (1 Page) (Revised: February 2019)

GI5000-Getting-a-Township-Email-Account.pdf (Document: GI 5000)
Email is becoming a more common form of communication every day; because of this, towns should establish an email account specific to the township. This article details the basic structure of an email and details several methods on how to obtain one. (16 Pages) (Revised: October 2020)