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Applications being Accepted for New MN "Active Transportation Advisory Committee"

July 18, 2023

MnDOT would like your help recruiting members for the new Active Transportation Advisory Committee established in state legislation this spring to help guide the increase in funds, programing, and legislation.

This committee will launch this fall 2023 and applications are open!

  • Please share this opportunity with your networks.

The Minnesota Active Transportation Advisory Committee is composed of 18 community members and 11 direct appointments from state agencies that serve as a central advisory body to develop active transportation goals, policies, and standards in Minnesota.  This legislative authorized committee advises and makes recommendations to the Commissioner of Transportation and the Active Transportation Coordinator to direct this new program, funding and resources.

Mission: The advisory committee must make recommendations to the commissioner on items related to:  

1.       active transportation, including safety, education, and development programs;  

2.       the active transportation program; and

3.       the safe routes to school program  

Membership: The committee consists of up to 29 members, 11 of which are agency representatives, 7 public members at-large and 11 district representatives.  Members serve 4-year terms.

Member responsibilities:

Attend and prepare for meetings  

Review documents and submit constructive feedback for various projects and initiatives

Maintain a strong knowledge base of current active transportation projects, planning efforts, and topics that are relevant statewide and, in your district, or area

Time commitment:

Bi-monthly or quarterly meetings, normally in St. Paul with a virtual option available  

Occasional public meeting attendance regarding non-motorized transportation projects in your district or area  

Occasional reading and/or other related tasks outside of meeting times

Members serve 4-year terms.

Preferred skills:

Effective and courteous communication skills in a group setting

Ability to evaluate and provide feedback on technical information  

A strong interest and/or experience in active transportation

Creative ideas on how to improve and support active transportation efforts

Applications can be submitted on the Secretary of State website: https://commissionsandappointments.sos.state.mn.us/Agency/Details/321  

For more information, contact Emily Smoak at emily.smoak@state.mn.us

Reach out with questions, thanks!