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MAT Legislative Update

The Association remains committed to advancing township interests at the state legislature. Based on our understanding of the issues that are important to our members, we are currently prioritizing increasing funding for township roads and annexation fairness.  

On Transportation Funding
• We are committed to finding long term solutions for townships. We are currently partnering with the Small Cities on a bill that would take some of the electronic pull tab revenue that had been used to pay for the stadium and redirect it to greater Minnesota to create a sustainable funding stream.
• We’ve also been asked for creative ideas that might help lower the burden on townships. In response, we have proposed language that makes it clear that townships have the authority to vacate roads when the expense of maintaining them is disproportionate to their value to the public.  

On Annexation Reform
• We are introducing a bill that would eliminate the most unfair excesses of the current system, specifically including the 60-40 rule.
• We are in talks on a bill that would potentially create a process by which townships would be protected in the longer term from annexations from nearby cities.

There are many bills that are potentially quite concerning for townships. From voting rights changes that have the potential to metastasize into unfunded mandates, open meeting law changes that have the potential to force us to broadcast on the internet, to expansions of Earned Sick and Safe Time, to the erosion of local control over zoning and others, and many others, we are committed to protecting township interests.