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Watch: Committee on Local Government Policy 3/1/22 and 4/26/22

April 26, 2022

Steve spoke twice during the 3/1/22 meeting and both clips are linked below.

View Video 1 Here

View Video 2 Here

Annexation Policy Update

On Tuesday, April 26, MAT Executive Director Jeff Krueger and Counsel Steve Fenske testified at the Minnesota Senate’s Local Government Policy Committee in support of several important annexation fairness proposals. SF 1927 (Anderson) specifies annexation by contract (“orderly annexation”) with an agreement by both parties and a city not part of the agreement cannot take property that is already subject to the agreement. SF 1969 (Kiffmeyer) says orderly annexation should consider landowners’ wishes and allow residents a vote on whether they will be annexed.

The video of each speaker at the informational hearing can be viewed here: watch Senator Anderson, followed by Senator Kiffmeyer, then testimony by Jeff Krueger (MAT director), and Steve Fenske (MAT attorney).