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Request for Comments: Public Water Supply Rules

July 19, 2022

Although we do not have a draft revised rule for your review at this time, please review the listed existing rule sections and let MDH know of any changes you think should be made.

For more information or to comment on the proposed changes visit:

Public Water Supply Rules Proposed Revisions

Minnesota Department of Health Division of Environmental Health


Possible Amendments to Rules Governing Public Water Supply, Minnesota Rules,4720.0010 to 4720.5000, 4720.5100, 4720.9005 and 4720.9045.; Revisor’s ID Number 4711

Subject of Rules. The Minnesota Department of Health requests comments on its possible amendments to rules governing Public Water Supply. The Department is considering rule amendments that:• Update outdated references to codes, methods, and standards.• Delete references to addresses,• Delete sections that are now incorporated by reference to the Safe Drinking Water Act,• Consolidate definitions sections,• Update outdated language style, and• Address other subjects, as time permits.

Persons Affected. The amendments would likely affect public water supplies, engineering firms that design public water supplies, and persons who get their drinking water from public water supplies.

Statutory Authority. Minnesota Statutes, section 144.12, subdivision 1, authorizes MDH to adopt rules related to “the pollution of streams and other waters and the distribution of water by persons for drinking or domestic use.” Section 144.383 authorizes MDH to insure safe drinking water in all public water supplies.

Public Comment. Interested persons or groups may submit comments or information on these possible rule amendments in writing or orally until further notice is published in the State Register that the Department intends to adopt or to withdraw the rules. The Department will not publish a notice of intent to adopt the rules until more than 60 days have elapsed from the date of-this request for comments. The Department does not plan to appoint an advisory committee to comment on the possible rules. MDH is also interested in whether local governments might be required to adopt or amend an ordinance or other regulation to implement these rules and therefore requests that local governments provide us with relevant information about their ordinances.The department is seeking information about whether the cost of complying with the rule in-the first year after the rule takes effect will exceed $25,000 for any small city or business under Minnesota Statutes, section 14.127, and information about the “cumulative effect of-the rule with other federal and state regulations,” as required by Minnesota Statutes, section 14.131(8).

Rules Drafts. The Department has not yet drafted the possible rule amendments and does-not anticipate that a draft of the rule amendments will be available before the publication of the proposed rules.

Agency Contact Person. Written or oral comments, questions, a draft of the rules when-it has been prepared, and requests for more information on these possible rules should be directed to: Linda Prail at Minnesota Department of Health, P.O. Box 64975, 625 North Robert Street St., Paul, MN 55164-0975; email: linda.prail@state.mn.us; phone: 651-201-5792.

Alternative Format. Upon request, this information can be made available in an alternative format, such as large print, braille, or audio. To make such a request, please contact the agency contact person at the address or telephone number listed above.

NOTE: Comments received in response to this notice will not necessarily be included in the formal rule making record submitted to the administrative law judge if and when a proceeding to adopt rules is started. The agency is required to submit to the judge only those written comments received in response to the rules after they are proposed. If you submitted comments during the development of the rules and you want to ensure that the administrative law judge reviews the comments, you should resubmit the comments after the rules are formally proposed.

Dated: 6/17/2022 Signed Jan Malcolm, Commissioner Department of Health