MSFDA-FEMA Grant Supporting New Firefighters

December 3, 2021

The Minnesota State Fire Department Association (MSFDA) is the oldest non-profit organization representing fire departments in Minnesota. Since 1873, they have been advocating for the needs of the fire service and currently offer member benefits to over 600 of the 773 fire departments in the state.

On December 10th, 2020, they received a four-year grant for 1.4 million dollars from FEMA to start a statewide firefighter recruitment campaign. These funds will help develop a statewide informational website (, market the fire service, develop recruitment training for the fire service, and assist communities with their marketing efforts. The grant provides $600,000 for personal protective equipment (PPE) and health screenings to new firefighters hired during the grant award period.

Each community must be a member of the MSFDA, participate in the recruitment study, and file the proper documentation to the grant administrator. If your department is not a member, a membership application can be found online at

To date, 125 fire departments are participating in the reimbursement program. The MSFDA has sent out several mailers and representatives have attended regional meetings across the state. Most Regional meetings are held on a quarterly basis, and provide important information to firefighters to keep them up to date on current events, training, etc. For more information, please contact DeeDee Jankovich, Executive Director at