Banking Information

June 3, 2021

Minnesota Management and Budget has received the first tranche of local government funds under ARP. They have verified all NEU cities and towns have SWIFT Supplier IDs.

Please make sure your banking information is up to date, or add it if the state does not have it.

Here are instructions:

On Page 5 of this document, step 6 shows the steps to add/update banking accounts.  If you have an existing bank account, the last 4 digits of their account number will be displayed.  To change your bank account you will need to have your existing banking information as well as your TIN.

Questions on this topic should be directed to:  651-201-8106 or

Additionally, the online certification form is in progress. Stay tuned.

Amy E. Jorgenson, CPA

Director, COVID-19 Response Accountability Office

Minnesota Management and Budget

658 Cedar Street, Saint Paul, MN 55155