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ARPA: Project & Expenditure Report 2023

April 21, 2023

Reporting for spending that occurred from (4-1-2022 to 3-31-2023) opened on April 1, 2023, and is due April 30, 2023!

  • ARPA funds spent during this timeframe will have a project to report. If no funds were spent, your township still needs to complete the reporting for no projects to report for this reporting period.
  • Google Chrome is recommended.
  • Reporting link: https://portal.treasury.gov/compliance/s/. Sign-in using your Login.gov (Email and Password). Select “Continue to login to compliance portal.”
  • A Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) is NOT required for reporting. The email from SLFRP (Treasury) regarding “Updated Subaward Requirements:” These requirements are only for those businesses that townships donated ARPA money to.
  • The compliance portal will only allow those that were on the original ARPA application as the Contact Person or Authorized Person to have access to the township’s reports. The only way others can be given access is for the “Account Administrator,” which is either the Contact Person or Authorized Person to add them as a point of contact and assign them the following roles (SLFRF – Account Administrator; SLFRF – Point of Contact for Reporting; SLFRF – Authorized Representative for Reporting).

Project & Expenditure Form Instructions:

  • Home Page: On the left-hand side under the “State, Local, and Tribal Support Sign” click on = Compliance Reports
  • SLFRL Compliance Reports: 1. Project and Expenditure Report 2023, Under “Provide Information” click on = Blue box with pencil
  • P&E Report: On the right-hand side under “Report Information” view the Allocated Amount (This should be the total amount of money received)
  • Then go to the left-hand side and click on = Recipient Profile
  1. Recipient Profile = The recipient information may look different than last year. It appears that the Treasury’s system pulled over the UEI registration information from SAM.gov. If you are not registered in SAM.gov, your information was updated with general data. The entity type may be listed as “Metro city or county.”
  • Fiscal year end date = 12/31/2022
  • Is the Recipient Registered in SAM.gov? = Yes/No
  1. Project Overview = Does your jurisdiction have projects to report as of this reporting period?

          -No (Provide narrative why), then SAVE & NEXT

          -Yes = Add/Edit 1 Project for all township expenditures

  • Project Expenditure Category Group = 6 – Revenue Replacement
  • Project Expenditure Category = 6.1 – Provision of Government Services
  • Project Name = (i.e., MAT Township Services)
  • Recipient Project ID = NEU# (i.e., MN1234)
  • Adopted Budget = Leave blank
  • Total Cumulative Obligations = Allocated Amount (Total Amount Received)
  • Total Cumulative Expenditures = Total Amount Spent (as of 3-31-2023)
  • Current Period Obligations = Allocated Amount (Total Amount Received)
  • Current Period Expenditures = Total Amount Spent (as of 3-31-2023)
  • Program Income Earned = Leave blank
  • Program Income Expended = Leave blank
  • Project Description = List everything that the town board approved for the ARPA money to be spent on (i.e., Gravel, 2 Laptops)
  • Add Project/SAVE Project
  • To edit the project, go under the title “Project Status” and click on the yellow box with pencil or the green box with check mark.
  •       Status to completion = Select option and SAVE (If completed, Confirm Project)
  • NEXT
  1. Recipient Specific
  • Revenue Replacement Key Inputs
  • Is your jurisdiction electing to use the standard allowance of up to $10 million, not to exceed your total award allocation, for identifying revenue loss? = Yes
  • Revenue Loss Due to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency = Total Allocated Amount (Total Amount Received)
  • Were Fiscal Recovery Funds used to make a deposit into a pension fund? = No
  • Please provide an explanation of how revenue replacement funds were allocated to government services = Township board approved for revenue replacement funds to be allocated towards (i.e., Road gravel, Computer purchase, Town hall improvements).
  1. Certification
  • Review = Total Obligations, Total Expenditures, Total Number of Projects
  • Confirm that your Name & Email Address are present.
  • Certify and Submit
  • Are you sure you want to submit? = Submit

For questions and assistance with this reporting, please email Nicole Schluter at nschluter@mntownships.org