2021 Annual Meeting Recordings

September 12, 2021

The 2021 Annual Conference for Minnesota Association of Townships took place virtually September 9-11.

Presentations and Resources:
From Thursday’s Town Law Review:

View Presentation Slides for “Water Clusters” by Dr. Sara Heger
View “Small Community Wastewater Solutions Guide”
Recording: Community Septic Systems (1-hr video)

View Presentation Slides “Current Town Legal Issues” by Jason Hill and Troy Gilchrist
Recording: "Current Town Legal Issues" (1-hr video)

View Presentation Slides for “Roads Roads Roads” By Kenneth Bayliss, Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A.
Recording: "Roads Roads Roads" (1-hr video)

View Presentation Slides for “Employment Basics for Urban Towns” By Susan Tindal, Iverson Reuvers
Recording: "Employment Basics for Urban Towns" (1-hr video)


View 2020 Unapproved Meeting Minutes


View 2021 Resolutions packet

2021 Scholarship Winners' Essays

Saturday: 2021 Annual Meeting (4-hour video)

Friday training and informational classes:

Keynote: Emerging Energy Technologies (45-min video) , presented by Isaac Orr, Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment