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Township 101/LBAE

What is a township? How to run for town office? Board of Appeal & Equalization instructions.

What is a township? Download Resource

Township Government 101: Download Resource

How to run for town office? Download Resource

DVD Workbook - Download Resource

Board of Appeal & Equalization: Steps to find Training and/or Certification - Download Resource

Board of Appeal & Equalization NEW SIMPLIFIED INSTRUCTIONS: The process has been simplified as there is no longer any registration, user names or passwords thus no waiting five days to begin the training.

  1. Go to the Dept. of Revenue BAE Training Website: Read each section in its entirety.
  2. Under the section, Prepare for the Training, you can review the instructions, and download their handbook for future review.
  3. The next section, Complete the Training, has a link: Start the training. When finished, you can submit the form to indicate to the Revenue Dept. that you have completed the course.
  4. They will send you an email confirmation for your records.
  5. If you have questions: you can call this tel. #: 651-556-6922. Their email address is: proptax.bae@state.mn.us

Per the property tax staff, most County Assessor’s offices will set up the video for you to watch if you call and inquire. An appointment may be necessary.